How to Read People Like Sherlock Holmes: 4 Insights From Research


Wouldn’t it be great to be able to just look at someone and tell what they’re really like?

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30 years old and a first year college student.

June 16, classes start…

            While on my way to school I didn’t feel anything, not even anticipation, I’m even more concerned about the outcome of NBA Finals than what will happen to me in school. and so it goes, nothing exciting.. though I was elected as ED1B Section President, I think I was elected because of the mind set by my classmates than my capacity, they thought because of my age I’d be the best choice. I should have declined but I thought what the hell? might as well do it, I’m sure I can.

           The most interesting part was meeting my instructors, the teacher that really interests me was my English Instructor, she’s fun, easy to understand, very welcoming and I thought I’d be like her. The others were the usual, strict, trying hard to be funny, to communicate with their students’ teachers. But they all seem eager to teach and with that I am determined to learn from them.

           It’s amazing how I’ve changed from destructed, restless student then to what I am now, I now have the enthusiasm, the drive to become a teacher, maybe it comes with the age, though at times I thought I’d lost it already.

           Observing other students are also interesting, there are those who’re confused, those going through family problems, those determined and confident, students who goes with the flow, the loud ones – they are the typical high school students who doesn’t know yet what tertiary means.

            Though I lost my cool at home, all in all, my Introduction to LCC is a nice one. and now I can say,

“My journey begins with them.”


That moment.

The moment while watching Jinggoy Estrada delivering his “paawa sa masa” speech, that I find myself.

That perhaps it’s really not too late for me to start a life with purpose.

I was feeling uncomfortably old to go back to school again, but knowing it’s for the best, I reluctantly accepted my family’s offer to finish college, and a degree in Education is for me the most practical choice. But now, i’m thankful to have chosen it for when i become a teacher i will passionately, fervently and incessantly try to educate as many filipino as I can so the likes of Estrada will never be again elected in any position.

Watching him earlier, makes me cringe knowing that his speech wasn’t meant for sensible, educated voters, it was meant for the masa, the uneducated voters. He got away before, what makes us so sure that justice will prevail this time? He and the likes of him are so cocky because they knew that people will soon forget.

Only in the Philippines that we have elected again a Mayor who faced impeachment former President and a convict, a Pampanga Congresswoman and also a former President who admitted and even said sorry to  “Hello Garci” scandal who is also facing plunder charges, a Congressman in Saranggani who is pursuing his self-interest, boxing and now basketball, sabong and who knows what else?, actors in senate, etc.. these shits are happening because of too many uneducated voters.

Someday, i will try to do my part, but for now all i can do is pray. pray for Sandiganbayan, the whistle blowers, the supreme court, the prosecutors that they may be given the strength to continue the fight for justice.


I Am A Woman Who Survived.

The Manifest-Station

Jen here. I have a broken foot as many of you know, so I am giving the site all my attention right now. I am over the moon with the posts these days! Pinching myself! Today’s essay is one I hope you will read and share and help me make viral. This is so well-written, so important. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who has known abuse- you are not alone. And you don’t need to stay. Janine Canty, you blew me away with this beautifully nuanced and heartbreaking piece.

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I Am A Woman Who Survived. By Janine Canty.

Every October I wear a purple ribbon.

It represents women who have lost their lives to senseless violence. It represents men and children who have lost their lives to senseless violence. It represents people who died too young, with most of their words still inside them. It represents the empty place at…

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Joined WordPress for a while now and this will be my first blog in this website.

Tried to write a few but always end up deleting it. Forever changing my mind, just like my attitude, restless.

Feeling like my mind’s scattered, a piece here, a piece there, another piece is lost the very important piece. I’m a mess then and now.

Wonder will i ever find myself? Thought I did, once or twice.

But no matter how I feel, life goes on.